The Oyoyo app is available on Android and is currently offering a free subscription for designers, tailors and weavers as well as other professionals operating in the fashion industry.

A recently launched game-changing app is set to revolutionise the Nigerian fashion industry.

Developed by fashion tech business, Catwalk Creatives Limited, a sister company of Lassod Consulting, Oyoyo will connect designers, tailors and (Aso Ofi) weavers in Nigeria with a nationwide customer base.

Designed and built by Nigerian tech engineers, the technologically advanced app is a digital ecosystem and marketplace that allows artisan tailors, weavers and fashion designers to create online profiles enabling them to connect with customers nationwide and around the world. Each profile has the ability for the designer to create seasonal or style-driven “look books” as well as promote their specialisms, their skills and advertise their signature designs.

Building on the heritage of the Nigerian fashion and traditional textile industry the app uses technology to harness the history of garments designed and manufactured by individual fashion designers and weavers and cataloguing them in an accessible format. Creating this resource enables simple re-ordering and a point of reference for customers.

Traditionally fashion artisans rely on word of mouth and repeat customers to grow their businesses, travelling to visit clients to discuss their requirements and gain their measurements. The app enhances the traditional tailoring operating model by opening up the market, removing barriers to growth, building a strong online presence and expanding their commercial opportunities.

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One unique benefit of Oyoyo is the intuitive “measurement management” feature which allows fashion designers to take, store and convert measurements of the individual into the desired format. By creating this order history it provides transparency between tailor and client and overall improves productivity and levels of quality.

Clients, or the “Oyoyo fashionistas” as the app terms them, can search, like, comment and follow individual artisans and designers as well as connect with them and access their services.

On the launch, Executive Chair, Lanre Sanni said, “This is an exciting time for Catwalk Creatives and Lassod as Oyoyo is the first of our products to launch in Nigeria. I feel very proud that an idea I had a couple of years ago is now coming to fruition. Using visual technology in a very accessible way as a digital marketplace, Oyoyo will showcase local talent on both the national and international stage.”

Oyoyo is supported by a leadership team that are based in Nigeria and the UK, Lindsay Burham-Lowes, Chief Executive Officer and Faith Olaniran, Intern.

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Mr Sanni also disclosed, “As most of the development has taken place over the past 12 months, the pandemic has proved that despite the distance of the teams, we all have a common goal to succeed. The impact Oyoyo will have on the fashion industry in Nigeria is substantial and opens up new opportunities which previously were impossible.”

As well as building the core team, the company has recently undertaken a recruitment programme implementing a digital marketing team and a business development team. The company is keen to extend this further and offers a comprehensive internship programme to develop talent in the region.

Lanre Sanni explained,

“It is our mission to create sustainable commercial opportunities through recruitment and technical innovation in Nigeria and the wider African continent. I know there is a wealth of talent and we have ambitious plans to utilise those skills.”

The Oyoyo app is available on Android and is currently offering a free subscription for designers, tailors and weavers as well as other professionals operating in the fashion industry. It will be free to access for customers.

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