The Africa Comedy Academy has announced Zenith Bank Plc as the title sponsor for the second edition of its Independence Day show, tagged ‘Laughter on Lockdown’.

According to a statement from ACA, the event is supported by the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

Zenith Bank’s Group Managing Director, Mr Ebenezer Onyeagwu, was quoted as saying the bank was committed to upholding the spirit of national pride and unity.

He said, “Our collective essence as Nigerians shows that despite our differences, we are determined to remain united as a nation. At Zenith Bank, we are renowned for creating value for our customers and the Laughter on Lockdown show presents a light-hearted opportunity for us to remind everyone what being a Nigerian truly means.”

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“Zenith Bank remains focused on providing superior customer experiences through our commitment to global best practices as well as leveraging technology and our expertise to improve our service offerings.”

The Convener of Laughter on Lockdown, Abdulqadr Otaru, said, “The ultimate goal of the event is to rekindle the spirit of patriotism and to renew hope for Nigerians home and abroad through humour and entertainment.

“The show was conceived to celebrate our uniqueness as Nigerians on the Nigerian Independence Day.”

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