Sandisk Extreme Portable – The most secure choice for Content developers

Due to its high-speed transfers and performance capacity, the Sandisk Extreme Portable is considered the perfect choice for content developers. When choosing a storage device, creatives look for splash proof and accidentally spill proof features. It is without a doubt one of the best portable SSDs for storing data, including pictures and […]

LG ThinQ Technology in ACs: Bring a New Intelligence to Human Connected Lifestyle

The role of technology has evolved into one of intelligence and connectedness, capable of effectively managing all of our everyday demands, providing remote control access to all of our home devices and appliances, and serving as a virtual assistant.  Thanks to breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine/deep learning, providing […]

Tek Experts Continues its Partnership with Microsoft to Employ More Women in Tech

Tek Experts, a leading global provider of specialized technical support services, and Microsoft are collaborating for the third year to recruit more women into technical careers via the Microsoft Leap Program. The Microsoft Leap Program recruits, develops, and trains women for employability in the technology industry. Tek Experts has supported the program in […]

YC-backed Simplifyd is set to become Africa’s destination for Data free Internet Access

Simplifyd Systems Inc., a YCombinator backed Nigerian startup with the ambition to become the platform of choice for data-free access to the Internet across Africa, has taken a huge leap. The company is announcing the launch of ZeroData, its toll-free internet application platform, to solve the challenges associated with accessing […]

Africa No Filter and Meta announce the winners of the Future Africa Grant for Extended Reality Creators

Africa No Filter and Meta are excited to announce today the six finalists of the ‘Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds’ programme – focused on harnessing and investing in the next generation of Extended Reality (XR) creators in Africa. The winners, selected from Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Cameroon, and Kenya, will […]