LG’s integrated approach combines connectivity, efficiency, helps drive smarter, healthier business solutions

Innovation leads to new creations, new experiences and, sometimes, new ways of looking at the world. Positioned as a leading integrated solutions providers for business owners, LG Electronics took Abuja by storm, leading members of Nigeria’s business community and stakeholders from various sectors of the economy at its Business Solution Conference themed: ‘MODERN HOUSING AND THE USE OF FUTURE PRODUCTS’ in Abuja on 29th May, 2022

The exclusive Business Solution Conference, which was organized by the World’s Electronics giant LG Electronics was to introduce its key stakeholders to the world of possibilities and creativity that its business solutions can provide.

Mr. Hari Elluru, Head, Corporate Marketing,  LG Electronics West African Operations said, “We welcome all decision makers, stakeholders and partners here in Abuja where our team are on hand to understand your business challenges and objectives. For many, we recognize that this now includes instilling a confident return to public spaces, through the use of Home Appliances, Business & HVAC solutions which integrate not only comfort, but also thorough hygiene measures at their core. Whether operating in hospitality, retail, education, commercial or residential spaces, our experts can help to carve out an individual roadmap for any business, helping to achieve operational excellence.”

“From functional kitchen packages to a wide assortment of premium laundry innovations to advanced business solutions and to HVAC systems, LG technologies on display addresses builder trends for smarter, healthier and integrated living.

“We are developing key partnerships across industries to ensure our products provide their ever-changing business needs. Our products are all backed with excellent warranty and service plans because your business is as important to us as it is to us”, he said.

Often, we find that decision makers and stakeholders alike, are looking for an event like this which they can not only purchase solutions, but also receive advisory and technical expertise throughout the entire product lifecycle. We would like to encourage any consultants and planners to first come and explore what we have to offer and why LG should be the partner of choice when it comes to purchasing our products,” said Mr. Sunghak Chung, Product Manager, Information Display, LG Electronics Nigeria.

“LG has a global reputation for innovative technology and design and thereby helping architects specify appropriate state-of-the-art displays for their building designs.” Not just that, the company’s solutions are designed to satisfy the high demands business owners face in ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.’’

On showcase during the Conference are solutions such as LG’s DUAL Vane and Round Cassette air conditioners, each featuring the company’s inverter technology for faster cooling, quieter running and extended usability. The DUAL Vane Cassette AC utilizes two individual vanes to deliver wider and more customized airflow, with fine angle control. The AC features LG’s Safe Plus Insulation – an antimicrobial treatment that is applied to internal insulation components to prevent the growth of mold and provide cleaner, fresher airflow. For businesses seeking further air care, the DUAL Vane Cassette can also be fitted with an additional 5-step filtration air purification kit.

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From LG’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, we can learn more about the Multi V 5 outdoor unit – an integrated solution that provides maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs. The LG Multi V 5 features Dual Sensing Control to detect humidity and temperature, optimizing airflow accordingly.

With its simple design and ease-of-use in mind, the Multi V 5 can reduce installation requirements by as much as 23% when compared with conventional VRF models – proving to be a crucial differentiator as organizations seek to install new systems, renovate or expand. The system can also be combined with LG’s Hydro Kit and Air Handling Units to meet the demands of advanced treatments and specialized environments such as those required in healthcare facilities.

LG’s Interactive Digital Board utilizes In-Cell touch technology to provide advantages in writing performance and visibility, and also offers a crisp UHD experience. Board’s pressure-sensitive Active Pen enables writing in a more natural and detailed way, while up to 20 finger multi-touch points can be used simultaneously. The display also enables two-way writing and sharing in real-time. It comes in 86’’, 75’’ & 65 inch.

A welcome addition to any conference space, LG One:Quick Works delivers seamless interactive communication for smooth, productive office meetings. A winner of a Red Dot Design Award 2021, this all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker and digital whiteboard. In addition to LG’s built-in video conferencing solution, One:Quick Remote Meeting, users can use shortcuts to effortlessly install popular video conferencing and collaboration apps such as Microsoft® Teams, Webex and Zoom. It is large enough to support a premium collaboration experience and portable enough to use in virtually any space. It is designed for a wide variety of business uses such as small group meetings, one-on-one discussions and group presentations. However, it is also an excellent option for hospitals, schools and homes where people may be working, learning or speaking with other parties remotely.

 As stakeholders seek to integrate smarter technologies into their Home Appliances Solutions, LG is also showcasing its Artificial Intelligence, enabling business operators to monitor and control their systems in real-time with the aid of their mobile device such as InstaView Refrigerator, Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machine, Styler, Dishwasher and Air Conditioners. These Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices can be managed, monitored and controlled remotely as a complete turnkey solution with the LG ThinQ® app.

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A long-standing commitment to bettering people’s lives – regardless of their age, understanding of technology or any physical challenges they may face – serves as the foundation for LG’s consumer innovations. LG continues to work hard to maximize the usability of its advanced home appliances, consulting with diverse users and leveraging its tech and design knowhow to ensure that all of its solutions are as accessible as possible, said Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliances, LG West African Operations.

The LG Commercial Washer features auto-balancing and inverter-drive systems for smooth, efficient, and reliable operation over many years. The LG Commercial Washer is created for the harshest conditions, including common area laundry facilities, and is designed to resist the rigors of continual use. It is easy to use and extremely efficient, delivering a high-quality wash and rinse while using less electricity and water.

“Designed with the latest LG technology, our range of commercial laundry machines will give your clients quality clean clothes and leave them feeling fresher than ever.”, Mr. Kang added.

LG Styler on display was the LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door, which won the CES 2019 Innovation Award. LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door combines smart features integrated into a wardrobe appliance form factor designed to steam clean over 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria found in clothing for hygienic upkeep between washes.

LG uses powerful and natural steam to remove bacteria and germs requiring less detergents that pollute our wastewater systems. High-temperature TrueSteam is created by boiling water directly in the LG dishwasher, Styler and dryer. It is hot enough to penetrate dirt, grime and grease to remove stains you can see and germs you can’t.

Likewise, TrueSteam technology in LG’s dishwasher generates and emits pure steam to ensure hygienic cleaning and anti-bacterial disinfection of plates, utensils and glassware, eliminating any dangers of foodborne illnesses. It eradicates nearly all bacteria including those associated with food poisoning while making light work of crusted food residue and stubborn stains, achieving a minimum 99.999 percent when operated on the sanitizing cycle.

The secret advantage of LG Inverter motors and compressors over conventional models is precise speed control and energy saving. Whether it’s a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or styler, LG Inverter regulates the speed and revolution of motors and compressors depending on the situation, automatically adjusting the speed to maximize output and optimize results with less energy and less noise, thereby saving energy for the consumers.

LG Business offers a standard 2-year limited warranty on all products. For more information visit; https://www.lg.com/africa/business and Home Appliance Accessories: Filters & Ice Maker Kits | LG Africa


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