Twitter has announced the rollout of new features for the Kenyan elections which is set for August.

This is as different countries across Africa gear up for their general elections. According to the firm, it serves as a centralised hub for real-time political conversation and commentary, electoral resources, journalistic reports live from the campaign trail as well as a tool for people to hear directly from political representatives themselves.

According to the firm, this is in a bid to amplify credible information to Kenyan voters on its platform. It stated that it has launched a custom Kenyan election emoji, Kenyan election prompt, and Twitter moments.

A blogpost by Twitter’s Head of Public Policy, Sub-Saharan Africa, Emmanuel Lubanzadio, said, “Our teams are working to ensure that voters in Kenya are directed to credible information while they spend time on our platform.

“In line with our efforts to amplify credible information, we have been able to launch the following features:

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“Custom Kenyan election Emoji: We launched a custom Kenyan elections emoji that will be activated by the hashtags #KenyaDecides, #KenyaDecides2022, #electionske #electionske2022. The special emoji, which pictures a ballot box with the Kenyan flag draped around it, aims to promote the discoverability of the election conversation and encourage active citizenship and a peaceful election process.

“Kenyan election prompt: We have launched an election prompt in collaboration with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in both English and Swahili.Related News

“The search prompt is a notification service that directs people in Kenya to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission website where Kenyans will be able to access credible information about the elections when searching for keywords on Twitter, associated with the Kenyan General Election.

“Twitter moments: Our Twitter curation team is supporting the 2022 Kenyan Elections with the creation of election Moments which are curated stories designed to address misleading and false information around the presidential elections.

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“These Twitter moments will include key dates, and general guidelines for participating in the electoral process from credible sources, including Kenya’s electoral regulator IEBC, media outlets, and fact-checking organisations.”

It also announced partnerships with Kenyan firms such as Africa Check to amplify credible information during the elections.

Africa Check said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Twitter as part of our election work in Kenya. The collaboration will allow us to address dis- and misinformation by fact-checking claims and identifying potential misinformation.

Notably, the partnership with Twitter will deepen the impact of our media literacy project as it will allow us to reach a broader audience.”

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    Current England squad is: England crash out of the World Cup in Qatar after suffering a 2-1 quarter-final defeat to France; Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the pitch in tears as Portugal are beaten by a history-making Morocco side. It’s been a memorable year for our Young Gunners and here are just a few of the best strikes of 2022 It’s especially true when England lack that kind of Kimmich-style pass to open that line. It was why Jack Grealish made such a difference when he came on. Until then, amid long periods when Germany’s intensity was causing chaos in Jordan Pickford’s box, the best Southgate’s side had to offer was set-pieces and breaks. “Being clinical , complete contrast to Iran. We had two or three opportunities and didn’t put it away. We were playing a tough team and we move on.

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  66. 《539彩券:台灣的小確幸》


    ### 539彩券,那是什麼來頭?


    ### 539開獎,是場視覺盛宴!


    ### 跟我一起玩539?


    ### 539開獎,那刺激的感覺!


    ### 最後說兩句


  67. Meanwhile, the decentralisation of the technology has also led to several schisms or forks within the Bitcoin network, creating offshoots of the ledger where some miners use a blockchain with one set of rules, and others use a blockchain with another set of rules. Bitcoin, is a specific digital currency that applies blockchain technology. It is only available electronically and is not reliant on banks and other institutions to regulate or distribute. Utilizing blockchain technology, Bitcoin can enable peer-to-peer transactions without a middleman or governing authority while maintaining user security and nearly eliminating the risk of fraud or theft. A crypto exchange is the digital platform where investors can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Similar to traditional investing, a crypto exchange acts as a brokerage where people can transfer traditional money, like pounds or dollars, from their banks into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Most transactions are accompanied by fees.
    ICO Price (USD) All I did was think every day about how I can get rich fast if this goes to a certain price. If it does then I could get rich fast! That was my mentality going into investing in cryptocurrency. This coin was called Bitcoin and at the time the Bitcoin price was sitting around $1.2k. Being an off-beat cryptocurrency, there is limited data, and below is the all-time price chart of Saitama Inu (SAITAMA). Even though released on additional exchanges, Saitama Inu’s price does not seem to be sufficient to surpass the market prices of other, more known projects. POPULAR dog meme cryptocurrencies have been quite the commodity this year – but you may not have heard of Saitama Inu. SAITAMA climbed even higher in October, following multiple announcements that excited its community, which likes to be known as the Wolfpack. Willie Dennis, a member of the rap group Geto Boys, joined Saitama on 12 October. His role was to secure high-level partnerships in several industries, including entertainment. The SAITAMA price reached $0.00000002 (two millionths of a cent) on 17 October 2021.