Professionals – whether they are creators, nonprofits, developers, small business owners, or big brands – come to Twitter every day to drive results that can move their business forward.

For the past year, we’ve been developing a collection of foundational, free-to-use products that give this community the tools they need to customize and strengthen their business presence and showcase their products to customers directly on Twitter.

Today, we’re hitting an exciting milestone in this journey: we’re making the Location Spotlight available to all professionals on Twitter. This is the first spotlight for professionals to become globally available. Location Spotlight allows professionals with physical business locations to display their business address, hours of operation and additional contact information so that customers can reach them via phone, text, email, or Twitter Direct Message.

As we scale the Location Spotlight, we’re also giving it an extra boost that can help professionals drive their customers further down the path to purchase. Using Google Maps Platform, this spotlight now gives professionals the option to add a map of their business location. Customers can then click on the map for directions to navigate there.

We’re excited to bring the Location Spotlight to more professionals around the world and we’ve got more in the works. Here’s a look at some of the other professional products and resources we’ve recently introduced and others that we plan to launch this year:

  • Professional Home: For professionals wanting more insights and resources to improve their presence and performance on Twitter, we will be introducing Professional Home – a centralized resource hub within the Twitter for Professionals experience. For the first time, professionals will be able to access a homepage to track performance, discover product offerings, tap into additional resources and drive performance. Professional Home will become available to all professionals globally in the coming weeks with additional updates and iterations to come throughout the year.
  • More Profile Spotlights: We plan to test and launch a few additional profile spotlights this year to better serve our broader audience of professionals. Ultimately, these spotlights will enable professionals to encourage potential customers to take the actions they care about most when discovering their account on Twitter. Stay tuned for more information as we begin piloting these spotlights!
  • New “Taking Care of Business” Workshop Series: Starting this month, we will be offering a monthly, live online workshop series created by Twitter Flight School called “Taking Care of Business.” The series is designed to help professionals who are just getting started with Twitter gain a better understanding of the newest products and offerings available to Professionals on the Platform, or simply need a refresher on how to leverage Twitter to grow their business. The workshops will cover how to set up your Professional Account; how to activate an appropriate spotlight for your business and how to tweet confidently and engage with your audience. Register for one of our upcoming workshops.
  • New #TweetLikeAPro On-Demand Courses on Twitter Flight School: In addition to the live webinars, in August, we’ll be rolling out 10 a la carte courses on Twitter Flight School that will cover several topics that are top of mind for professionals on how to leverage Twitter to drive customers to buy. Our #TweetLikeAPro coursework will be designed specifically for small to medium businesses and will cover topics like how to Up Your Tweet Game, Creating a Community of Engaged Followers and Keeping it Simple: The 4 Cs of Content Strategy.
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To see all the tools currently available to professionals on Twitter, check out our Help Center. Professionals can access all professional tools the moment they become available by converting to a Twitter Professional Account today (note: you must already be logged into your Twitter account to access this page). You can also access professional tools through the left-navigation sidebar within the Twitter app and select Twitter for Professionals to get started.

We are proud of the foundation we’ve laid with the initial suite of products we’ve unveiled to date and we’re excited to continue introducing new ways to help professionals achieve business success on Twitter.

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