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#BBN S7 – When Island meets Trenches

For some reason, Big Brother decided to merge the level 1 and 2 housemates in one house this week. So, we no longer have the housemates divided into ‘island’ and ‘trenches.’ #TwitterNaija was excited at this as it adds a new twist and gives room for more drama. Now the real game begins! Here you can catch up with all the conversations on #TwitterNaija.

Chomzy becomes the first female head of house

During the Head of House games on Monday, the battle was tough between Chomzy and Bella. However, Chomzy emerged victorious. She was granted access to the head of house bedroom and gained immunity for the week. Phyna was named the tail of the house for her poor performance. She was given a notepad to use to communicate as she isn’t allowed to speak.

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#BBN S7 – The Close-Up task

Earlier in the week the housemates were divided into teams and given a task to compose a theme song. #TwitterNaija fans were impressed by Braynn’s performance, he was even compared to Laycon, a former #BBNaija housemate who is also an artist.

Sad night for Nigerians as AJ and Usman lose fights

It was a sad night for Nigerians as they bemoaned the loss of Anthony Joshua (AJ) and Kamaru Usman (Nigerian Nightmare). Former world boxing champion, AJ lost his rematch with Usyk. Few hours later, the Nigerian Nightmare lost his Welterweight belt to Leon Edwards in UFC. Both fighters lost their championship fights in one night but #TwitterNaija would not ignore the fact that they are still great champions.

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Funke Akindele celebrates her 45th

Funke Akindele in honor of her birthday released some stunning pictures. Unlike previous years where she had birthday shoots with her now ex-husband, this year she went solo. Her ex-husband JJC Skillz and other celebrities sent their good wishes. #TwitterNaija users also sent their well wishes.

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