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BBNaija Highlights: Sheggz, Groovy and Hermes gets Evicted 

BBnaija fans were in shock when Ebuka announced the eviction of Sheggz, Groovy and Hermes.

Hermes felt like the housemate who was most likely to win. Popular fashion designer Toyin
lambasted organisers of the live show on her socials, saying Big Brother pulled a joke on the viewers.
Newly Posted:

Tems at the Global Citizen Festival  
The recently held #GlobalCitizenFestival 2022 featured acts from different parts of the world like
Usher, SZA and others. #TwitterNaija was elated as Nigerian superstar Tems gave a performance to
remember. Another highlight from the festival, which received a lot of attention on Twitter, was
Usher bringing Oxlade, Tiwa Savage and Pheelz on stage.
Tems SZN:
A Kelly Rowland and Arya Starr show
Just after unveiling the video to her hit song “Rush”, Arya Starr has also released the remix of her hit
song Bloody Samaritan, which features Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland. Fans on #TwitterNaija are
still in awe at the feature of the R&B and Pop music an icon!

DJ Cuppy graduates from Oxford University
Fans on #TwitterNaija congratulated DJ Cuppy on her graduation from Oxford University. Cuppy
shared the news with her followers on Twitter, saying, “After a tough year, I’m now a graduate”. It
seems like she is not stopping there, as she has expressed her desire to go back to school to study

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