Showcases LG’s InstaView, the industry’s most advanced refrigerator with UVnano

The city of Lagos was agog as leading brands, corporate leaders, and organizations from across the shores of the country gathered at NECA House, Alausa, Lagos recently for the Brandhealth Awards Ceremony. The theme for the event was Building Trusted Brands in Trust Deficit Society.

Managing Director of Brandhealth Limited, organisers of the MTB Awards, Mr. Emman Udowoima, said the Most Trusted Brands awards is an initiative towards mobilizing the Nigerian consumers to demand for accountability from individuals and organisations offering them goods and services.

“The Most Trusted Brands report and awards seek to find out through scientific research what consumers think about their brands, their preferred brands across product categories and offer them a form of incentive by rewarding brands that have met consumer expectations”, said Mr. Udowoima.

LG Electronics, Nigeria’s leading Consumer Electronics brand, emerged as the winner of the Most Trusted Home Appliance Brand 2022. According to Udowoima, LG Electronics achieved this feat due to its unwavering commitment to consumer’s needs through its innovations.

He said winners are chosen by over 13,000 sampled consumers across 12 states spanning the six geo-political zones of the country. The winners emerge organically as brands have no way of knowing, let alone influencing the respondents during the field research.

Mr Paul Mba, Marketing Manager of LG Electronics said that the award reflected the brand’s acceptance by consumers in Nigeria. “Consumers expect the best; that is why we continuously innovate quality products that will ‘add comfort to life’ across the country”.

 “The acceptance of a brand is a determinant of the innovative ideas and promises delivered to its consumers, if people fall out of love for your brand, then you are totally out of the brand. To stay constantly in love, you need to be innovative and among the most trusted brands” he said.

He further affirmed that the LG brand has a wide range of high-quality products which varies and suited for every individual and families, among which is the new InstaView Refrigerator.

LG’s new line of InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ refrigerators, is making waves in the market with its technological and design features that makes it unique. For example, a glass panel door which turns into a transparent screen as soon as the user knocks twice, UVnano™ technology integrated into the water dispenser for greater hygiene, and advanced artificial intelligence functions to give you a unique experience. It is this elegant design with great uniqueness that makes the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator quickly achieve sales of up to one million units in just 4 years from its debut in 2016.

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The Door-in-Door™ system reduces the loss of cold air inside your refrigerator by providing a convenient compartment where you can store the items you use most often. In addition, with technology your food will stay in good condition for longer thanks to the LINEARCooling™ system that minimizes temperature fluctuations, the main cause of food deterioration; Hygiene Fresh+ , an air filter that eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria that cause bad odor and food spoilage, and DoorCooling+™ that evenly cools all refrigerator compartments.

If you love technology and want your home to be smart, you will be a fan of InstaView™. With the LG ThinQ™ application you can monitor and control your refrigerator, check how much energy it is consuming, receive alerts if the door has been left open, and even adjust the amount of ice produced per day. LG ThinQ is also compatible with Google Assistant and includes Smart Learner, a feature that can learn from usage patterns to optimize cooling performance and energy efficiency.

“The presence of the latest series of LG InstaView refrigerators is not only an answer to user needs, but also presents them a different style that reinforces the owner’s premium lifestyle,” said Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliance, LG Electronics West African Operations. Besides providing convenience for users by not having to open all the fridge doors just to check what’s inside, overall electricity consumption is also more economical. “Reducing the frequency of opening the refrigerator door, which unknowingly releases a lot of cold air, means that it makes the compressor work easier to return to the desired temperature. Work on saving electricity is carried out in a more stylish way,” said Kang.

Not only in design, the elegant impression on the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator is also in the availability of a water dispenser in the part of the refrigerator that acts as a freezer. The integrated water dispenser on the cross section of the front door makes it easy for you to quickly get cold water at any time, again without having to open the refrigerator door. “So without excess electricity consumption just to enjoy a glass of cool water. Comfortable that is not burdensome.

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The problem of water quality that has been a source of doubt from the use of a water dispenser related to the cleanliness of the taps, has also been answered by LG carefully. The dampness of the inside of the faucet, combined with the difficulty of scheduling cleaning, makes this area a vulnerable place for particles harmful to health such as bacteria or mold to develop, LG has overcome by embedding UVnano technology. The shape is in the form of utilizing ultra violet light irradiation which is located right on the inside above the faucet. As well as the use of this irradiation in other industries, including storage of cutlery and various supporting tools for inspection in health facilities, its presence ensures that inside of the faucet where water flows is protected from mold and bacteria.

What makes it more comfortable, users can set it to work automatically every hour or choose to turn it off when not needed. “The existence of a water dispenser with UVnano besides giving its own style, also eliminates the feeling of worry about the cleanliness of the water you consume,”

The reputation of LG Linear Cooling technology for its expertise in keeping food fresh in the refrigerator lasts longer, cannot be separated from its working system which is a collaboration between the work of the Linear compressor inverter and the placement of cold temperature blow points in the refrigerator cabin. Regarding the performance of this compressor, LG doesn’t even mess around with the origin of the claim. In fact, this company dares to guarantee the performance of the Inverter Linear Compressor as a technological development that has been patented by LG with a guarantee of up to 10 years.

There are several models available, but the GC-X257CSES stands out with the health features present.

The entire collection of the latest LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators is said to have been distributed to various electronics stores in various cities in Nigeria. Take a look at which is closer to you at The easier it is to get it, potential users can also take advantage of online store network to check the features and benefits of the Refrigerator on

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