Once You Experience It, You Cannot Live Without LG Dishwashers, Washing Machine and Dryers

Household chores is an unavoidable part of daily life. Many people consider it boring and time-consuming, given that we often spend hours on the monotonous actions of washing dishes or doing laundry. Keeping this in mind, LG Electronics (LG) offers state-of-the-art home appliances with innovative features designed to deliver the ultimate user convenience so that people spend less time and effort on their household routine especially one with health and hygiene features.

“We are excited to showcase our health and hygiene products which improves our daily lives, laundry results and the user experience with the TrueSteam™ technology” said Brian Kang, General Manager, Home Appliance Division, LG Electronics West African Operations. With a growing portfolio of differentiated washing machines, LG will continue to strengthen its market leadership across the African Sub-Region.

Get More Hygiene with LG Dishwasher

Designed to clean all dishes the first time, LG QuadWash Dishwasher is equipped with the multi-directionally rotating arms that shoot water streams in various angles that reach every corner of the dishwasher. With four spray arms instead of two, the dishwasher provides enhanced coverage to clean every dish on every rack, no matter the shape or size. With temperatures reaching up to 80°C during the rinse cycle, LG Dishwasher ensures the ultimate hygienic care of dishes. Additionally, LG QuadWash is equipped with the LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor that provides quiet and reliable operation without compromising on performance. Compared to other motors, it also helps to reduce energy consumption. See more at; https://www.lg.com/africa/dishwashers


Get More Smart Convenience with LG Dryer

Allowing users to save time on drying and ironing clothes, LG Dryer features the Sensor Dry humidity sensor that automatically optimizes drying time and ensures that laundry is well dried the first time. The TrueSteam feature creates pure steam that removes allergens and smooth out wrinkles, leaving laundry fresh and clean with no need for ironing. With the Lint Filters that minimize lint and dust, the clothes are even cleaner than natural drying. Additionally, LG Clothes Dryer does not need any external venting outlets, making it suitable for any location. Visit https://www.lg.com/africa/dryers to know more.

Get Intelligent Fabric Care with LG Vivace Washer&Dryer

For complete clothing care, the LG Vivace Washer&Dryer is equipped with Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology that detects the weight and softness of the fabric being washed or dried and automatically selects the optimized washing or drying pattern for each load to enhance fabric protection while reducing cycle times and energy usage. Additionally, the LG Vivace Washer&Dryer delivers maximum hygiene thanks to the LG Steam™ that eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory diseases. Ensuring maximum space capacity, the LG Vivace Washer&Dryer is equipped with LG’s advanced low vibration technology that creates more space inside the machine.

LG’s latest front-load washing machine incorporates TrueSteam™ technology with the following features: Steam Softener, Steam Refresh and Allergy Care. The Steam Softener function maintains the original quality of fabrics and eliminates the need for chemical-based fabric softeners. Steam Refresh employs steam instead of water for a truly deep clean, reducing wrinkles and odors from delicate clothes in just 20 minutes. TrueSteam™ removes allergens, mites and residual detergent, all which have been linked to respiratory and skin ailments. Improve your quality of life by maintaining a healthy, allergen-free environment.

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LG’s TurboWash™ 360 feature delivers the convenience of a shorter laundry day without compromising cleanliness, requiring just 39 minutes to complete a full wash cycle. And 3D Multi Spray also helps get clothes clean in less time by shooting jets of water in four different directions simultaneously for more stain-fighting coverage. For more information, visit; https://www.lg.com/africa/washing-machines


The premium LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door brings functionality and elegance to the home with a refined, modern design and the ability to keep clothes hygienically clean and looking their very best. The new tinted black-glass door exudes sophistication while the unit goes about effortlessly and conveniently refreshing up to four garments – including a pair of pants in the door – simultaneously.

At the core of the Styler is LG’s TrueSteam™ technology which eliminates over 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria found in clothing to keep one’s wardrobe hygienically clean. Clothes placed on the moving shake out wrinkles and unpleasant odors while Gentle Dry removes moisture quickly and thoroughly. Heat Pump Drying reduces energy consumption by recycling heat from the hot, moist air inside the Styler and Pants Crease Care ensures a neat, tidy look by eliminating wrinkles and creating a crisp crease-line without an iron. Check out more on; https://www.lg.com/africa/styler;


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