How to use WhatsApp to suit your Attachment Style

First coined by Bowlby and Ainsworth in the 1950’s, attachment theory suggests that there are four styles of attachment – avoidant, anxious, secure and disorganized – that influence how we communicate and behave in relationships.  Attachment theory continues to be a hot topic across social media in 2023, but have you ever considered how your attachment style might impact the way you […]

Meta celebrates Africa’s ‘Rising Stars’ in its 2023 ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign

As part of Africa Day celebration on 25 May, Meta announced the third iteration of its pan-African ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign. Themed “Rising Stars”, this year’s edition aims to amplify the voices and stories of eight rising talents from across Africa, who are building a global […]

Google reveals top searches that captured the interest of Nigerians in the first three months this year

Peter Obi, INEC, ‘Who is your guy?’ by  Spyro, ‘When is Easter 2023’ and ‘How to check my polling unit’ topped trending searches by Nigerians in the first quarter of 2023 A captivating blend of politics, pop culture, and curiosity swept across the Nigerian digital landscape in the first quarter […]

Meta reveals behavioural insight on Nigerian shoppers during Ramadan to guide advertisers

Research highlights that 77% of shoppers or observers in Nigeria felt more connected to a brand after seeing Ramadan or Eid content on Facebook or Instagram Meta presents the 2023 Ramadan insight study to explore the significant opportunities that comes with the #MonthOfGood season. To better understand the behaviours of […]

Meta Releases Sub-Saharan Africa ‘2022 Year In Review’ highlighting key milestones across the region

Today, Meta  released its `2022 Africa Year in Review,  capturing some of the company’s investments and initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa across innovation, its support of SMBs and Creators as well as its work connecting communities. Showcased through an infographic and short video, this highlights Meta’s ongoing milestones and successes across […]