Skrill partners Coinbase to launch a new white-label solution

Paysafe’s Skrill partners up with Coinbase to launch a new white-label solution, enabling customers across certain areas in the world’s largest economy to efficiently trade multiple cryptocurrencies. Such collaboration bolsters Skrill British based payment  platform presence  as customers benefit from faster transactions And Lower Fees Skrill digital wallet will help […]

DABA is leading young people to gain financial freedom from the Crypto market

They are equipping young people and giving them the opportunity to earn Weeks ago, in another appalling display of highhandedness and ignorance, the Nigerian government gave a directive prohibiting financial institutions from engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. The news ruffled the Nigerian crypto space briefly before business continued as usual. However, […]


Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) today announced the launch of the NQR payment solution; an innovative payment platform implemented on behalf of all financial service providers. The New Quick Response code solution offers a robust platform that delivers instant value for P2B and P2P transactions by simply scanning to […]