Smart technology solutions are continually on the rise around the globe. These innovations, among a whole lot of other reasons, help provide a range of functions that help make human activities easy, fast, and dependable. 

To help continue this narrative of a smarter society, technology company OPPO, on its INNO Day 2021, unveiled its new range of groundbreaking devices. 

The event, themed “Reimaging the Future”, was all glitz, glamour, and a showcase of innovation as Oppo unveiled its new Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart glasses, and other latest breakthroughs in the global mobile technology space. 

The brand presented a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, including the latest retractable camera, Find N foldable phone, smart glasses, and other products driven by artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and 5G technology.Oppo Nigeria Marketing Manager, Jennifer Okorhi,

Speaking at the event, Oppo Nigeria Marketing Manager, Jennifer Okorhi, explained that the OPPO Inno Day is a global flagship launch event that started in 2019 and that the 2020 Lagos event was the first edition of the showcase in Nigeria. 

The brand reiterated its commitment to helping gadget users work and play smarter with all the premium products and top-notch quality mobile communication devices for Nigerian consumers.

“Our goal for our Inno Day is to introduce the cutting-edge and innovative products that we have launched, which we will continue to do going forward. Our goal is also to communicate the ability of OPPO to deliver premium and quality products to our target audience in Nigeria, products that can stand the test of time and also serve their needs as they enjoy our devices, “Okorhi further noted.


Among the distinguished guests at the event was the Honorable Commissioner of Science and Technology for the Lagos State Government, Hakeem Fahm.Lagos State Commissioner of Science and Technology, Hakeem Fahm.

The commissioner commended OPPO Nigeria for its continued commitment to providing innovative technological ideas that provide tools for people to work and empower themselves.

“This is a very great event, and more importantly for me, as we all know, innovation is the practical way of bringing new ideas to the table, and as a government, we place a lot of value on innovation because that’s the only way we can move forward.” – .

Lagos State Commissioner of Science and Technology, Hakeem Fahm

In his statement, the commissioner also urged the development of innovations and technology that will broaden and enrich human endeavours.

“We cannot be stagnant but have to embrace new technology and leverage the power of technology to do what we are doing. That is why the government of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is committed to making Lagos state a 21st-century state, and we are doing a lot of things to bring technology to the state, “Fahm noted. 

The Smiley Face brand 

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since the launch of its first mobile phone, the “Smiley Face,” in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. 

Phones from the OPPO Reno range

Today, OPPO provides a wide range of smart devices, spearheaded by the Find and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO provides its users with the ColorOS operating system and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. 

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The company operates in more than 50 countries and regions with more than 40,000 of its employees dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

Since its establishment 17 years ago, OPPO has reached over 50 countries and introduced a wide range of smart devices to consumers globally. 

As of October 2019, OPPO had received 40,000+ global patent applications while the number of patents granted exceeded 14,000. 

The InnoDay exhibition appears to be a sneak peek at what the brand has in store for its customers in 2022.

Amongst the new range of devices unveiled was the OPPO smart glass, which is built around a groundbreaking monocle waveguide design. 

The eyewear is also based on OPPO’s distinctive design philosophy, Air Glass features free-flowing curves that give birth to its lightweight and minimalist appearance. 

It also has an innovative application as a teleprompter, which allows an adaptive text display to make presentations at work or in public hitch-free. 

Speaking on the newly launched Oppo innovations, Okorhi noted: “For us at Oppo, we are very mindful of the expectations of our target market in Nigeria, so our devices are designed with our customers in mind. We create products that stand the test of time, are durable, and also fit into the individual lifestyles of our users. Our phones are durable when it comes to battery life, design, interior, and exterior, and also the other features that come with our phones.”

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