Cloudax Launches P2P Platform To Meet The Growing Cryptocurrencies Interests and Demands in Nigeria

With Nigeria standing head and shoulder above the growing interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa, Cloudax, an innovative technology-driven ecosystem built for wholesome content creators and communities, is launching its P2P App and website to onboard Africans into the crypto ecosystem, meeting the surging needs and demands of first-time […]

Bitget Sees Second-Highest Increase in Market Shares and 80% Jump in BGB Volume in Q2

Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has released its quarterly Transparency Report, highlighting the major achievements of the platform for Q2 of 2023. The report emphasizes Bitget’s exceptional performance in increasing market share, trading volumes, token performance, security, and financial solvency, surpassing other prominent exchanges amidst the general […]

Mara, NITDA to Train 500,000 Government Employees on Blockchain Technology

Mara, leading blockchain-based technology firm, has announced an initiative aimed at training 500,000 government employees on the intricacies of blockchain technology in partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Circle, the creator of USDC and Euro Coin. Mara is driving this initiative through its foundation, Mara Foundation. […]

Bitget crypto exchange making bold moves in April

While crypto markets fluctuated in April, Bitget, top crypto and copy trading platform, forged ahead — investing in crypto’s future, expanding its global footprint, generating insights in mainstream adoption, and enhancing Biget’s native token (BGB) utility and value with a new roadmap and updated white paper. Bitget made major moves this […]

Make Way! It’s Dogeday!

On April 20th, dog lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike will celebrate the unofficial holiday dedicated to our furry friends and the meme-inspired cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin. What is Dogeday, and what is Dogecoin (DOGE)? Bitget, leading crypto exchange is celebrating Dogeday, an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on April 20th by […]