Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has announced the addition of Martingale AI strategy as part of its lineup of Martingale investing strategy services. The new instrument intends to provide crypto newcomers with a convenient and advanced investment strategy enabled by AI.

Bitget has developed the Martingale AI feature to make Martingale more accessible to novice traders and take advantage of this investing strategy. The Martingale trading strategy involves increasing the amount of the investment after a downturn in an attempt to recoup losses and achieve a profit. This strategy relies on historical data that reveals the tendency of markets to grow as time progresses, helping investors access a broader overview of market behavior and adjust their trading accordingly, and make efficient capital allocations.

Martingale AI enables automated trading after traders set risk appetites and investment frequency based on parameters recommended by Bitget’s proprietary AI. The parameters are calculated based on historical market prices and asset fluctuations with Bitget’s back-end algorithms, providing reliable investment references for traders.

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Both novice and experienced traders can find a number of advantages from the Martingale strategy on Bitget, including two-way trading, which is suitable for both bulls and bears. After selecting the Martingale strategy, traders can make profits by going long or short, buying the bottom, or catching callbacks. Another important advantage is the customizable, controllable risk, allowing traders to adjust various parameters of the Martingale strategy according to their own trading habits and risk appetites, such as the profit target and the multiples of additional positions. Novice traders can try strategies that are devised with a lower threshold by leveraging the AI and selecting according to the types divided by the system, namely – conservative, balanced and aggressive.

The Bitget Futures Martingale strategy supports up to 100x leverage, allowing traders to gain access to substantial funds and meet the needs of different risk appetites. Such an approach opens up new horizons of opportunity in digital assets trading to a diverse audience of users seeking to experiment with cryptocurrency trading. “The launch of Martingale AI represents Bitget’s commitment to empowering users with the tools and strategies to invest confidently and smartly according to their needs,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget.  “Providing simple yet sophisticated offerings that leverage the power of AI aligns with Bitget’s mission to help individuals safely embrace digital assets. We will continue exploring new ways to integrate AI into our products and services to empower investors.  These new features come as Bitget is bolstering its lineup of provided services in light of a global expansion and beyond derivative strategy.

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