Samsung Nigeria has officially launched the Galaxy A04s into the Nigerian market.

The company said the launch of the device reinforced Samsung’s commitment to providing affordable and quality devices that addressed the daily needs of consumers.

Speaking during the presentation with the press, the Product manager, Stephen Okwara, said the smartphone is packed with 4G/64 GB & 4G/128GB storage variants expandable to 1TB and runs on a One UI Core 4.

In an opening remark, the Managing Director, Samsung Nigeria, Charlie Lee expressed his delight and the goal of the company.

He said, “Today is quite remarkable as we introduce Galaxy A04s, ‘The Eagle’. People want a device that is convenient, safe and affordable. They want a device that is a one-stop shop to enjoy watching movies, playing games and be productive at the same time, The Galaxy A04s speaks to these needs”.

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He added that the new device was launched to edge out competitors and regain its market share.

He said, “Galaxy A04s, another pocket-friendly mobile device from Samsung has been launched in Nigeria to edge out competition, ahead of other emerging markets.null

“With the Galaxy A04s, our customers can experience next-generation performance, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to providing accessible devices without compromising on quality”.

Okwara, elaborating on the device specifications, said “Galaxy A04s, ‘The Eagle’ has a 50MP front facing camera and 5MP selfie so that you can click some life-like pictures. Features on the rear camera setup include Digital Zoom, Auto Flash and Touch to focus.”

While addressing the current economic situation,HOD MX, Joy Tim-Ayoola, said that Samsung, through a pay small small scheme called Flex Pay had provided the opportunity for consumers to buy the device and pay in 3-12 months’ installment with as low as “N11,000 per month. And that is not all, customers can also repair their screens as low as N12,500 with no limits to frequency or time.”

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Raising concerns on the affordability of products considering the economy outlook for many Nigerian customers, the HOD of Marketing , Chika Nnadozie, saidbthe company was working on the price to  improve its position in the mass market segment of the mobile phone market.”

According to the company the “recommended retail price for 4+64GB is N96,000 and 4+128GB is N103,000 and devices are readily available at authorised dealer stores nationwide and online partner stores.”

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