All is set to commence the two-day maiden edition of the Nigeria Golf Federation South West Zonal Championship 2022, at the Ibadan Golf Club.

The tourney is scheduled to Tee-Off at the section of Ibadan Golf Club Court on Friday, November 4 to Saturday, 5 November 2022.

Speaking about the event at a press parley on Thursday in Ibadan, the initiator of the event who is also the South West zonal representative on the board of Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF), Mrs. Onwuegbu Bose Ngozi, attested to the rich golf tradition of Ibadan Golf Club (IGC), describing its Golf course and the welfare package as topnotch.

According to her the tournament is part of the legacy projects she intends to put in place with the good intention to revive the game of Golf and as well expand its participation and growth by organizing Championship across South West, adding that it will be on a yearly basis.

The sharp and smartly-looking Mrs. Onwuegbu is a sports enthusiast, a member of Ibadan Golf Club, a lady captain of Dulphin Golf Club in Lagos and as well belongs to other sports Federation in Nigeria with many indelible achievements.

She described golf as a great game where she derived much joy and gladness socializing with the elite; people of good culture and intellectuals, and playing walking around the big golf course, burning the calories are enough for her wellness. She also stated that Golf is a game of integrity, respect and discipline where quality networks could be achieved.

Also the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Idowu Salami, (past Captain, Ibadan Golf Club) added his voice to the laudable event and said, “Ibadan Golf Club is a home of Golf and tradition where one can comfortably wine, dine, play the golf and have remarkable experience. I urge the members of Ibadan Golf Club to support this 2-day event. We also use this opportunity to encourage golfers across Nigeria to come to Ibadan Golf Club Court, its one of the best around.

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“We must also thank God for the president we have now in the NGF in the person of Olusegun Runsewe. We couldn’t have had it any better, seriously speaking, because it takes serious passion to execute what he is doing in the golf federation right now.

“Speaking as someone who also has a passion for golf, I strongly commend Mrs. Onwuegbu Bose Ngozi for all her laudable initiatives as a representative on the board of the NGF and the roles she’s playing in South West Zone. I can tell you that she is doing a very good job. This alone is a big feat and I must commend her for putting this all-important tournament together,” he said.

On her part, Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, the Honourable Secretary, Ladies Section, Ibadan Golf Club and a member, Planning Committee also applauded the initiatives of Mrs. Onwuegbu Bose Ngozi calling her a trailblazer in every respect.

She added that one of the key highlights of the day one of the tournament which is Friday, would be practice round the Golf Court by all the golfers who are not limited to South West but from across Nigeria and countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso etc.


She further stressed that there would be a cocktail session which is said to be powered by Nigeria Golf Federation and Nigeria Breweries, adding that all their products would be made available alongside with ofada rice, available, other Ibadan local delicacies.

She continues,

“Day 2 on November 5 will start with guest players being invited to participate in the tournament followed by the final round of the Championship. The grand finale and awards dinner will take place in the evening, capping off the Championship. Winners are expected to receive trophies and electronics to appreciate them. The good news also is that the Golf Course is in perfect shape, the platforms for registration and recording of scores for golfers are equally of international standards and the Course itself is wearing a perfect ambience for the game of golf.

“It is indeed going to be a pleasant experience to all golfers whose numbers are between 180 to 200. It is also an opportunity for them to have tourism experience, they will have a feel and look of our way of life in Ibadan, our culture, tradition, the food we eat, our train and bus services and how hospitable we are as a people before they finally leave on Monday. Interestingly the state also has something to gain economically from this, many golfers will lodge in hotels, patronize malls, buys things and fraternize with the locals.” Olaosebikan stated.

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  87. 当サイトで紹介しているオンラインカジノであれば、必ずSSL暗号化通信に対応しているかどうかをチェックしているため、決済情報はすべてカジノ側でしか読み取られることがありません。したがって、通信の秘匿は守られます。 クレジットカードでの入金やエコカードを利用した払い出しが不可能となった今では、入金方法が少々面倒ですが、その分ついついクレジットカードを使いすぎたということがなくなるため、オンラインカジノでの利用には問題ないかなと思います。 paypalはオンラインカジノの出金にも使えますが、日本からは利用できないため、オンカジ 出金方法には、電子マネーや銀行送金サービスを利用する必要があります。最近は銀行振込対応オンラインカジノが増え、安全に出金することができます。 LuxonPayは簡単な登録手順に従い、希望する安全性認証方法を選択するだけで始めることができます。まずはApp StoreまたはGoogle Playでアプリをダウンロードしてみてください。 エコペイズは多くのオンラインカジノで入出金のプラットフォームとして採用されています。 オンラインカジノ paypal決済が少ないのは、同業者でもある送金サービスがオンラインカジノ おすすめに定着している点が挙げられます。ペイパルが使える日本のオンラインカジノでは、送金サービスも使えます。PayPalのみという所はなく、あくまでも送金サービスの一種という位置付け。
    PayPalでは売り手と買い手の両方に保護制度があります。なので、揉めた場合でも間にPayPalが入って対応してくれます。もちろん、条件などがありますが、強引なお客様との対応などをしなくても良いというのはとてもECの販売店舗としてはメリットが有ると言えます。こちらを参考に条件などを御覧ください。売り手保護制度 | PayPal(ペイパル) ※上記は標準手数料です。手数料に関する詳細はこちら、ご利用規模により適用される特別料率に関するお問い合わせはこちらから(特別料率のご提供を保証するものではございません)。 設定完了後に、「外部サービスへの登録」の画面で、PayPalが「連携済み」となっていることをご確認ください。  オンライン上でペイパルを利用するオークションサイトはすでに数多く存在しているので、どの企業も自動的にペイパルを利用することが可能です。オークションが成立するたびに、資金はペイパルの電子メールベースの資金移動を使用して落札者から販売者に転送されます。 以前、ペイパルは英語版しか利用できませんでしたが、現在は日本語版も利用できるようになっています。サービス自体もより分かりやすい内容に変更されています。そのためか、最近は日本の企業の方々からペイパルについて尋ねられることが増えてきているため、ペイパルの利点と使い方についてまとめてみました。